Bone Strengthen Smoothie


  • Small handful of Spinach

  • Small handful of Kale

  • Small handful of Collard Greens

  • 20g Wheatbran

  • 20g Almonds

  • 20g Cashews

  • 40g Papaya

  • Handful of Swiss Chard

  • Coconut water


Add all of the ingredients to your mixer, top up with coconut water and blend.




Ingredient Benefit
Spinach, kale & collard greens contain calcium and vitamin K, which are need to strengthen bones. Calcium is also taken from bones to neutralize acidity in the body. Over the age of 30 there is greater natural depletion in bone density so it’s even more important to maintain calcium levels.
Wheatbran, almonds & cashews contain magnesium, which helps to strengthen bones.
Papaya & Swiss chard contain potassium, which helps neutralize the bloods, preventing the leaching of calcium from bones.
Coconut water contains bioactive enzymes that aid digestion, is full of potassium and is also good for a bit of extra flavour.