Energy Boosting Smoothie


  • Probiotic (dose on supplement label)

  • 20g Nuts

  • 10g Sunflower seeds

  • Handful of spinach

  • 100ml Grape juice

  • Half an Avocado

  • 50g Cantaloupe melon

  • 30g Blackcurrants

  • Handful of Swiss chard


Add all of the ingredients to your mixer and blend. 



If you're struggling with low energy it's best to avoid tea and coffee, low protein diets, alcohol and carbonated drinks.


Ingredient Benefit
Probiotic helps obtain nutrients from food that are needed for energy, such as magnesium and B vitamins.
Nuts, sunflower seeds & spinach all contain magnesium, which is a glucose carrier. This means magnesium carries glucose through the blood stream to the cell where it’s converted to pyruvic acid and is then used in the aerobic energy system (called the Krebs cycle). The Krebs cycle is the aerobic energy system by which energy is produced and magnesium is needed for that as well.
Nuts & seeds these also contain vitamin B1, which is needed to convert both fat and glucose into pyruvic acid, which is the compound needed inside the krebs cycle to produce energy.
Grape juice contains chromium, which makes insulin more potent. Insulin is needed for energy storage.
Avocado & spinach contain B2, which is needed to move electrons round the Krebs cycle and once they're moved around they release energy.
Cantaloupe melon & blackcurrants contain vitamin C, which is needed to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) inside the Krebs cycle. ATP is the body's primary energy source.
Swiss chard this contains biotin, which helps convert both fat and amino acids to pyruvic acid for the Krebs cycle.