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GENDER: Female / Male

Month 0 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Weight kg
Chest cm
Navel cm
Hips cm
Thighs cm
Biceps cm

The above table will record the progress of your measurements on a monthly basis. We will ask for your measurements in your end of month feedback questionnaire.




I will be your designated trainer throughout your YBP journey, on hand to help with any questions that may arise. If I don't hear from you before, I'll be in touch at the end of your current month to check on progress and get you set up with your next exercise and nutrition plan.

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This page contains your daily calorie estimate with an exact breakdown of macronutrients (in percentages and grams). There are two nutrition plans for you to chose from: a basic and advanced version.


The basic plan consists of points to explain the most important changes to implement. If you really want to maximise your efforts then commit to the second plan containing more detailed points and your bespoke nutrient breakdown table (training and non-training days). These calculations are reached based on your daily activity, height, weight, age, gender, body type and selected goal. Lastly we have a section for those geeks out there who really want to understand the science behind our methods. Good luck!




To accurately monitor your calorie intake and macro-nutrient ratios we recommend using MyFitnessPal. Follow the link below to create your MyFitnessPal account and get started.



This page contains your tailor made exercise plan, there are three workouts (two resistance and one cardio). All workouts follow specific concepts relevant to your body-type, goal and ability level. Video demonstrations will guide you through the technique of every exercise along with a written description detailing your specific number of reps, set and rest time.


Your monthly workout schedule gives you the ideal structure of when and how often to perform your workouts, and the stretch plan targets all the main muscle groups worked within your session. Each month your workout plan will be updated with a new set of exercises and concepts, taking into consideration the feedback you provide us on a monthly basis.


fat spots



Fat deposits that accumulate around the hips, bum and thigh area are sometimes referred to as saddlebags. This is a notorious spot for women as they have higher amounts of Alpha-2 receptors in that area, which make fat loss harder. This particular fat spot is more common in women as it is linked to an imbalance of the hormone oestrogen.


CAUSE: A lack of fibre (needed to excrete oestrogen), a diet high in saturated fat, foods and drinks that contain chemicals and preservatives, plus pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, all block the liver and reduce its ability to break down and remove oestrogen. If you regularly suffer from symptoms such as: bloating, migraines, headaches, runny nose, hives, irritable bowl and generally feeling under the weather, it may be worth testing for food allergies and intolerances, as they may contribute to increased oestrogen levels. Contraceptives, HRT, cigarettes and many cosmetics also have the effect of increasing oestrogen levels. 

DIETARY ADVICE: BSB (Blood Sugar Balance) diet, liver supporting diet, attention to hydration.

SUPPLEMENT AND HERBAL ADVICE: Multi-vitamin, essential fats, DIM (Diindolylmethane, breaks down oestrogens into good metabolites, rather than bad ones, found naturally in cruciferous foods. Obesity and xenoestrogens contribute to the production of the bad metabolites), green tea (contains catechins and caffeine, which when consumed together increase fat metabolism), vitex agnus castus(encourages more progesterone production and is good for PMS Symptoms like breast tenderness, fluid retention, irritability, mood swings and painful heavy periods), calcium D-glucarate (naturally found in fruit and vegetables, oestrogen is broken down in the liver using glucuronic acid in the glucuronidation pathway. Oestrogen is then removed in bile unless an enzyme called beta glucuronidase breaks the oestrogen-glucuronic acid bond which allows it to be re-absorbed, calcium D-glucarate inhibits glucuronidase).




Supplements we recommend Why
Terra Nova Click here
BCAA Click here
Dextrose / Multidextrin Click here

Any recommendations for changes in diet, including the use of food supplements, are entirely your responsibility. If you are taking any medications we recommend you talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.


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