• Diploma in Personal Training
  • Diploma in Sports Massage
  • Diploma in Dance Performance
  • Diploma in Post Natal Fitness
  • Pregnancy Exercise Prescription
  • Freestyle Fitness Yoga Instructor 
  • Advanced Training Postural Correction 


  • Pre/postnatal specialist 
  • Freestyle fitness yoga instructor
  • Sports massage therapist
  • Postural alignment 
  • Nutritional advice
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Weight management training
  • Fitness for seniors
  • Circuit training

Luisa Valenti

I started my career as a professional dancer before moving into the fitness industry ten years ago. My background as a dancer established my style of training, I focus on posture, strength and mobility. I strive to understand the individual needs of my clients and through YBP I hope to reach others and help them on their journey to a healthier happier life. With hard work and determination, I feel much is possible. Four years ago, along with a client, I reached the top of Kilimanjaro...I believe in aiming high!


I was inspired to move into the fitness industry after rehabilitating my own body through many dance injuries. The knowledge and experience I gained is key to my success as a trainer. I have since helped clients suffering from a range of problems, from long term back issues to major ligament damage resulting from ski accidents. I work closely with physiotherapists and my in-depth knowledge as a qualified sports massage therapist has been vital to my clients' recovery.

I have trained many women throughout their pregnancies and long after. I have extensive knowledge in dealing with conditions such as pubis synthesis disorder and pelvic girdle pain. My aim throughout this challenging time is to keep the body strong and healthy. After childbirth I focus on realigning the body along with losing fat and increasing fitness levels. We are currently working on our Pre & Post Natal YBP programmes...coming soon.

My experience as a Freestyle Fitness Yoga (FFY) instructor adds another level of diversity to my skills. Where beneficial to my clients I'm able to incorporate it into our PT sessions. FFY fuses traditional yoga postures with contemporary fitness principles and every element is validated from a fitness perspective. There's no dogma, chanting or use of Sanskrit terms. FFY helps to improve posture, strength and flexibility. By sequencing postures together I'm able to create lively, challenging workouts. At YBP we plan to launch a Yoga programme in the near future incorporating these techniques.