Should women train differently to men?

Check out Luisa’s article featured on Female First.

“Women struggle to build huge amounts of muscle due to having a lower percentage of the hormone testosterone (10-30 times less).”

Understand the science and find out how best to train for your gender, body-type and goal!

What nutritionists eat for clear skin

Terry featured on SheerLuxe …

“Here, we asked our favourite nutritionists to reveal the foods they eat to help keep their skin looking so good…”

Read what Terry has to say about Oysters and why they are so good for our skin…


We are giving away one month of our bespoke training programme – fully tailored to you and your body type. And, because we know things are more fun in pairs (and it’s easier to stay motivated) we’re extending the offer to a workout buddy of your choice.

The winner will be drawn at random on Sunday, 29 April 2018.

So, what can you expect to win?

Once announced, we will contact you to talk through your goals and what you’re looking to achieve fitness-wise.

Next we will send through a questionnaire, this will help us build your plan, understand your body type, track your measurements and give us insight into any other health concerns you may have.

We will put together your bespoke body programme.  This will take a few days as it’s not off the shelf and we build each plan from scratch.

You will then receive a password-protected mini-site containing all you need for your first month, including your exercise programme (including stretching plans and alternative exercises), nutrition information and guidance on your calorie intake, macronutrient breakdown, and nutritional timing. You will also receive supplement advice and relevant articles addressing your specific health needs.

We are on hand to advise you and support you along the way. About our team

So, for the chance to win a month of Your Body Progamme training and exercise plans for you and a friend, this is what you have to do:

  • Go to our Facebook Page

  • Like the competition post

  • Guess your body type in comments. Click here for info on body-types

  • Tag a friend you think would like to join you on the programme (if you win, they will also receive a bespoke training programme)

  • Remember to use the hashtag #trainforyourtype so we can track your entry

Winner will be announced on Sunday, 29 April

You can enter as many times as you like tagging your different workout buddies  

Once your first month has finished you have the opportunity to carry on and we will give you the added bonus of 50% off your next two months on the programme.

We are only running this competition on Facebook. But look out for other promotional offers on Twitter and Instagram  - coming soon!

Good luck!

YBP - how it all began

Your Body Programme was founded in 2016 by experienced personal trainers and nutritionist Terry Fairclough and Luisa Valenti.

Luisa originally came from a professional dance background and Terry was a chef, cooking for private clients and in Michelin Star restaurants before turning his focus to his passion, clinical nutrition. Together they form a formidable team, combining their knowledge and experience to create the perfect programme for each client.

So, what makes YBP different from all the other fitness trends out there? ‘Well firstly, it’s not a trend. It’s science.’ Says Terry. ‘At YBP we work with your genetic make up to establish how you should be exercising and eating for your specific body type. There is nothing generic here – every programme is totally bespoke’.

What inspired this type of training?

‘I have been working as a personal trainer for 17 years. Ive been using this formula for the last 5 years with my private clients and consistently seeing real results. The way the training is structured is to maximise your workout to achieve the results you are aiming for. Luisa and I have known each other and trained together for many years, and one day we sat down and thought - how can we offer this training to more people and still be able to give the same great service? Can we do it online? Thus our labour of love, YBP was born.’

To give you a quick history lesson, in the 1940s, William Sheldon devoted his life to observing the variety of human bodies. He proposed that there are fundamentally three main different body-types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. YBP is based on this principle.

‘We want people to feel healthy, confident and happy in their own skin. They need to understand that each body type has its own set of strengths. There is no ‘perfect’ body type’ says Luisa. ‘For example, an endomorph may be curvier, but as a body type will find it easy to build muscle, an ectomorph is naturally skinny but has to work slightly harder to maintain muscle than a mesomorph, who has a naturally more athletic make-up’, says Luisa.

 ‘It’s about knowing where your strengths lie and using them. At YBP before we create your personalised programme, we ask you to fill in an assessment. This gives you the opportunity to tell us about any pre-existing conditions and lifestyle concerns. It’s detailed, but it’s worth doing and helps us to put together a truly tailored programme, just for you’.

As this is YBPs official launch month Luisa and Terry are offering a full month worth of their bespoke exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme to a lucky follower and a friend of their choosing. For more details on the giveaway follow us on Facebook and Twitter.