why do people fail to get results?

There are a myriad of reasons why some people fail to get results. Often it is due to a lack of discipline and consistency as well as an incorrect exercise regime and nutritional plan. At YBP we tackle these main issues to help keep you on track. We've outlined a few of the common mistakes that people make.

All quantity, no quality.

Before you begin, it’s important to evaluate what you want to achieve from your gym sessions. Efficiency is key, there is no need to spend hours on end at the gym, instead focus your energies on the right exercises for your specific goal. Following a bespoke training programme designed around your body-type, goal and level will give you the best results. This ties in nicely with the next common mistake...

Performing the wrong type of exercise.

Most people are aware that you would choose different exercises to lose fat as opposed to gain muscle, yet at YBP we take it to another level. We consider not only your goal but most importantly your body-type, understanding this is key to changing your shape. For example different body-types train very differently for the same goal. Click here to understand the different body-types and work out which one you are.

Under or over-estimating food intake.

If you really want to lose fat, then honesty is the best policy. Keeping a food diary allows you to see exactly what you’re consuming. Note down the time of every meal, snack and drink, as nutritional timing is key to changing your physique. Believe it or not, there are times when increasing calories may be the answer to fat loss, not eating enough can be as detrimental as eating too much.

At YBP when estimating a clients calorie intake and macro-nutrient breakdown we take into consideration many factors such as: body-type, gender, age, height, weight, daily activity level and importantly their goal.

Never changing the workout plan.

When you do the same thing day after day, you become very efficient at doing those exact movements. This is called the principle of adaptation. Therefore it's important to change your workout monthly or every six weeks. Constant progression is built into our YBP programmes which avoids the body hitting a plateau.

Using incorrect form or technique.

It's important that you use the correct technique when exercising to maximise the benefit from each exercise and also to minimise the risk of injury. Take a look at our technique page and follow our video demonstrations to understand how to perform some of the big exercises. We've outlined the key points to remember.

Setting unrealistic goals.

It's essential to set appropriate goals that progress at a reasonable rate, yet are realistic as you want to avoid frustration that can often lead to quitting. Of course we all want fast results, but more importantly we need to be able to maintain the changes we make. For example, on a fat loss programme losing too much weight too quickly can often be negative. It's better to get gradual, consistent results to influence our life moving forward.

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Terry Fairclough