The warm-up is to mobilise and prime your body, it should be specific to the exercise you are about to perform. We recommend 5 mins of gentle cardio to increase body temperature and blood flow to the muscles. Follow this with movements that mimic your exercises but at a slower pace with reduced intensity.
Try our basic warm-up or advanced version with a medicine ball.


This concept is called Pyramid. Perform the first group of 2 exercises for 12 reps each (this constitutes a set) then take 1.40 min rest. Perform the second set for 10 reps, third for 8 reps, fourth for 10 reps and fifth for 12 reps. Remember to rest in between each set. Then move on to the next group of two exercises and follow the same rep pattern. The weight changes according to your rep range, therefore you should be lifting the lightest weight first, then get heavier and end with the lightest weight. There are 4 groups of 2 exercises. Remember to keep the weights heavy and challenging to elicit the correct hormonal and metabolic response. 



Exercises in each set 2
Sets 5
Reps 12 / 10 / 8 / 10 / 12
Rest between sets 1 min 40 sec


Group One


Stand in a staggered stance and take hold of cables from either side of you at chest height. Stand slightly in front of the cables and extend the arms. Bend the elbows allowing the cables to come towards your shoulders then press forward to extend the arms.


CHEST PRESS — Bosu / Dumbbells

Support your head and shoulders on a bosu and raise your hips with the glutes contracted. Hold dumbbells above you with the arms extended. Lower the dumbbells bringing the hands towards the shoulders with the elbows flared out to the side. Extend the arms.


Group Two

SQUAT — Barbell

Stand with your feet wide, toes turned out slightly and hold a barbell in front of you. Bend the knees pressing them outwards into a sumo squat. Push your heels into the floor and extend your legs. Maintain neutral spine throughout.


LUNGE — Dumbbells

Stand feet hip width apart and hold dumbbells to your side. Lunge backwards until the back knee is just off the floor and both knees are at right angles. Keep the pelvis slightly tucked under and the body upright. Step together and repeat with the same leg.


Group Three


Kneel and hold a barbell in front of you with your hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Begin with the arms bent and bar at shoulder height. As you exhale extend the arms overhead and maintain neural spine. Inhale as you lower.



Stand with your back to a low cable and hold a straight bar attachment with both hands (from between the legs). Engage your core, stand with slight knee flexion and raise the bar just above shoulder height with the arms extended. Lower with control.


Group Four

TRICEP PRESS — Bench / Barbell

Lie on an incline bench and with a narrow grip hold a barbell above. Keep your upper arm in a fixed position as you lower the bar behind your head, the elbows should not move or flare to the side. Extend the arms as you raise the bar upwards.


CALF RAISE — Box / Dumbbell 

Stand with the toe of 1 foot placed onto a box or step. Hold a dumbbell in the same hand as supporting leg and hold onto a stable surface. Keep the foot in parallel and lower the heel to the floor then raise up onto the ball of your foot.





Lie on your back and place your foot onto the opposite knee. Press the top knee outwards as you clasp the underneath leg and draw it towards you.



Sit back onto your heels and simultaneously reach your hands forward with your forehead resting on the floor.



Draw your foot towards your bottom. Squeeze your glutes, tuck your pelvis under and keep your knees together.