SCULPT programme

No miracles, Simply science







  • Training schedule
  • 3-5 different workouts each month
  • An exercise concept for each workout, for example: circuits / supersets / interval training
  • Every exercise has a video demonstration
  • Instructions for rep range, number of sets and rest time
  • Illustrated stretches with written descriptions 



  • Recommended calories per day based on your statistics and fat loss goal
  • Macronutrient ratio, a breakdown of carbs, protein and fat into percentages and grams
  • Nutrient timing telling you what to eat and when best to eat your meals on training and non-training days
  • Information on foods to enjoy and foods to avoid
  • Recommended supplement plan
  • Tasty, easy to cook recipes relevant to your body-type and fat loss goal



  • Fat spot information and advice, which relates to hormonal imbalances
  • Articles relevant to your body-type, health and chosen goal
  • Constant support via email and a forum to post progress and ask questions


Sculpting can also be called toning. We have met many people over the years who have told us “I just want to tone up”. This is absolutely fine for some, but for others a fat loss routine should be the first step. It is impossible to look toned if you have too much fat on your body. Before undertaking a sculpting routine it is essential to get your fat percentage to a level that the muscles can show through, as too much fat over the top will hide the muscle definition. Some may say that you can do both at the same time. At YBP we believe you are better catching one rabbit at a time! 

Our detailed programmes, which are based on your specific body type, will tell you exactly what you need to do to transform your body. You will learn what to eat, when to eat it and how to exercise. Our programmes get results!

We create for you a personalised online mini-site. Login and follow your plan, look back over your history of exercise workouts and track your progress...

How the programme works in 5 simple steps

  • Select your goal and fill out the questionnaire
  • Within 5 working days receive your personal Mini-site
  • Follow your exercise and nutrition plan for one month
  • Fill out your end of month form and receive your new programme
  • And so it continues..... train hard, train smart, train YBP