Optimal nutrition for your specific body type and goal

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Our Nutrition plan is for those who feel they have their exercise needs taken care of but would like some specific guidance on nutrition. We will work out your daily calorific needs on both training and non-training days, your macronutrient ratio (protein, fat and carbohydrate) and also give you the ideal number of meals per day and the breakdown of calories and macronutrients into each meal. These calculations are based on your body type, height, weight, age, gender, goal and daily activity needs. 

We create for you a personalised online mini-site containing your plan and where you can look back over your history.

Your Plan: 

  • Recommended calories per day based on your statistics and goal

  • Macronutrient ratio; a breakdown of carbs, protein and fat into percentages and grams

  • Nutrient timing telling you what and when best to eat your meals on both training and non-training days

  • Information on foods to enjoy and foods to avoid

  • Recommended supplement plan

  • Tasty, easy to cook recipes relevant to your body type and goal