Hello Jane,

Thanks for signing up for a YBP Programme, its great to have you on board. We have read through the initial questionnaire and built your Month One Endomorph Fat Loss Programme. 

You are currently following what looks like a good exercise routine however I’m inclined to agree with you that it is your current nutrition plan that may be the limiting factor. Im sure our nutrition plan will guide you in the right direction. 

A number of things you mentioned are potentially linked and are contributing to the plateau in your weight loss. It is no coincidence that a lot of the issues flagged up on your questionnaire are contributory factors to your specific fat spot. Please see your fat spot section below for more detailed information we have included links to our articles that relate specifically to you. 

The YBP philosophy isn’t a short-term fix, but a long-term informed health and lifestyle plan!


You mentioned suffering with headaches. From your questionnaire there are a few possible causes, including blood sugar imbalance, too much caffeine, shoulder tension, disturbed sleep, toxic exposure and stress. If after a few weeks of making the recommended diet and lifestyle changes the headaches persist I recommend you see your GP. 

Eating the recommended number of meals per day (found on your personal nutrition page) will help balance your blood sugar, which may reduce your headaches. Balancing blood sugar will also help With energy levels. 

Your breakfast is carbohydrate heavy (toast, granola, berries), It would be really beneficial to add some protein in the form of nuts, seeds, eggs and even chicken or fish if you can in the morning. This will help bring down your glycaemic index balancing blood sugar, preventing a sugar crash and potential headaches. Take a look at our recipe section for more ideas, you can find lots of suggestions on the Instagram terryyourbodyprogramme.

You are an Endomorph and won’t tolerate carbohydrates well. Limit carbohydrates in your evening meal as they can be stored as fat, as these consumed calories wont have time to be used as energy before you sleep. Therefore it’s a good idea to eat a high protein meal with vegetables or salad as your last meal of the day.. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t have carbohydrates at other times of the day. (This is covered on your nutrition page) 

Increase your water intake to at least two litres per day. Every reaction that takes place in the body needs water, as well as a whole host of benefits (see article). Remember that both tea and coffee are diuretics and don’t count towards your daily intake of water.

You mentioned that you have a few issues with digestion. (Take a look at the digestion article).

If you don't feel any different within the next month after making some of the recommended changes, let me know and we can look at this in more detail. 

Although you are currently only drinking three cups of tea/coffee per day, I recommend you try and reduce your caffeine consumption if possible as it will increase cortisol, lower testosterone and subsequently reduce muscle and metabolism. You should also try and reduce your alcohol intake as much as possible as, like caffeine, it will increase cortisol and create the same detrimental cascade of hormonal imbalance. 

Exercise & Stretching

Your questionnaire highlighted you are have tension/soreness between your shoulders. In addition to following your personal exercise programme I would like you to incorporate some specific stretches to help with this. At the bottom of your exercise page you will find a selection of stretches. I recommend you stretch your upper back and chest and also your neck – do this by facing forward, place your left hand on top of your head and gently pull your left ear to your left shoulder stretching the right of your neck, repeat on the other side. You should aim hold each of these stretches for one minute and aim for three sets per day. If it’s possible, a massage once a fortnight or even monthly may also be a benefit.

Lifestyle Factors

I am so sorry to read you lost your baby, that’s a horrible thing for anyone to go through and I understand it would cause great anxiety and stress. Stress is a big problem these days for many people and, whatever the cause of it, the impact on the body is the same. It affects your metabolism, increases cortisol, reduces muscle and encourages fat storage over fat burning. 

You don’t need me to tell you that smoking is bad for you. However, Smoking puts a lot of strain on the immune and liver systems. The immune system relies on important nutrients that smoking depletes, while the extra toxins consumed by smoking can overload the liver by further increasing your toxic load. Toxins can increase the number of fat cells, the body stores toxins inside fat stores to nullify the their damaging effects. 

Therefore it is essential to make sure you support both your immune system and liver to deal with increased toxic exposure. You also mentioned that you are exposed to toxins generally. As I’ve explained, whatever the source of toxins they have the same impact, increasing the need to support your immune system and liver (see attached articles). 

Finally, rest is essential to allow your body to adapt and repair. Your questionnaire flagged up that you are currently only getting seven hours of interrupted sleep per night. Eight hours is considered the ideal amount, although some people need more (see article on sleep).

We really hope you enjoy the first month of your YBP programme! Be sure to take a little time to read through your programme, if you need any extra help or support in the meantime, we’re always here to help.

Good luck ! 

AGE: 38
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 172cm

Month 0 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Weight 91kg
Chest 111cm
Navel 110cm
Hips 125cm
Thighs 70cm
Biceps 32cm

The above table will record the progress of your measurements on a monthly basis. We will ask for your measurements in your end of month feedback questionnaire.




I will be your designated trainer throughout your YBP journey, on hand to help with any questions that may arise. If I don't hear from you before, I'll be in touch at the end of your current month to check on progress and get you set up with your next exercise and nutrition plan.

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Nutrition PLAN


This page contains your daily calorie estimate with an exact breakdown of macronutrients (in percentages and grams). There are two nutrition plans for you to chose from: a basic and advanced version.



The basic plan consists of points to explain the most important changes to implement. If you really want to maximise your efforts then commit to the second plan containing more detailed points and your bespoke nutrient breakdown table (training and non-training days). These calculations are reached based on your daily activity, height, weight, age, gender, body type and selected goal. Lastly we have a section for those geeks out there who really want to understand the science behind our methods. Good luck!




To accurately monitor your calorie intake and macro-nutrient ratios we recommend using MyFitnessPal. Follow the link below to create your MyFitnessPal account and get started.

exercise PLAN


This page contains your tailor made exercise plan, there are three workouts (two resistance and one cardio). All workouts follow specific concepts relevant to your body-type, goal and ability level. Video demonstrations will guide you through the technique of every exercise along with a written description detailing your specific number of reps, set and rest time.


Your monthly workout schedule gives you the ideal structure of when and how often to perform your workouts, and the stretch plan targets all the main muscle groups worked within your session. Each month your workout plan will be updated with a new set of exercises and concepts, taking into consideration the feedback you provide us on a monthly basis.


fat spots



All over is the term we have given to this particular fat spot which relates to stubborn hard to shift fat over the whole body. Often there is a concentration of fat around the mid back, a bulge around the bra strap area. This condition tends to affect women more than men and can be linked to thyroid issues.


CAUSE: Underactive thyroid, stress, nutrient deficiencies (zinc, selenium, iodine which are required to make tyroxine) antimicrobial, anti diabetic, oestrogen based medications, heavy metal toxicity. Also diets high in alcohol, overtraining and stress increase the hormone cortisol which prevents the conversion of thyroxine-4 (T4 = less potent) to thyroxine 3 (T3 = most potent). This has the effect of reducing thyroid function.

DIETARY ADVICE: BSB (Blood Sugar Balance) diet, supporting liver. Avoid Goitrogens (spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, cabbage, soya bean, peanuts, peaches, radishes, mustard, swede, turnips and strawberries) especially raw. When they are cooked well they have less of a harmful effect, although you may lose essential nutrients. 

SUPPLEMENT AND HERBAL ADVICE: Multi vitamin, essential fatty acids, selenium, to convert T4 to T3 is a selenium containing enzyme (Deiodinase), L-tyrosine (needed to manufacture thyroid hormone, low tyrosine can lead to depression) vitamin D3 (for good thyroid function), zinc (needed in the production of thyroxin) Liquorice root (the plant compound, glycyrrhizin helps the thyroid by boosting the adrenals in times of stress) Gum guggul (contains a resin that helps the conversion of T4 to T3).




Supplements we recommend Why
Terra Nova Click here
BCAA Click here
Dextrose / Multidextrin Click here

Any recommendations for changes in diet, including the use of food supplements, are entirely your responsibility. If you are taking any medications we recommend you talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.


Below is a list of interesting articles relevant to you personally.