Optimal nutrition for specific conditions

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Clinical Nutrition is the study of foods, supplements and herbs that can be both beneficial and harmful to proper body function. Not only how food is processed, stored and assimilated within the body, but also how food is stored, prepared, processed and cooked prior to consumption.

Our Clinical Nutrition package does not diagnose possible conditions, but instead helps to build the ideal diet plan to manage, alleviate and hopefully slow any progression of symptoms. Clinical nutrition can be either for those who simply want to create a healthy, balanced diet as a preventative measure for the future or those who need a diet targeted to a pre-existing condition.

All sorts of conditions from arthritis, osteoporosis and polycystic ovary syndrome to depression, anxiety and eating disorders can be helped with a specific evidence-based nutrition plan. This plan would run alongside any treatment and/or medication that you may already be taking. We're not professing to cure all conditions, but we have had great success in helping to alleviate and manage symptoms.

Our Clinical Nutrition plan can either be used in conjunction with a YBP exercise and nutrition plan or on its own.

You will be asked to fill out a thorough questionnaire. You will then receive a bespoke nutrition, lifestyle and supplement plan, details of tests that may be recommended, along with any additional relevant, useful articles.

We create for you a personalised online mini-site containing your plan, where you can look back over your history.

Your Plan:

  • Detailed diet plan, including recommended beneficial foods to eat and damaging foods to avoid

  • Bespoke lifestyle advice based on the information you've shared with us

  • Details of any beneficial herbs

  • Recommended supplement plan

  • Additional information in the form of articles relevant to your body type and any conditions you may have

  • A follow up in 6 weeks to check your progress